In the early 1990s, the merchant banking industry in India had witnessed a phenomenal growth with over 1500 merchant bankers registered with SEBI. In order to promoting standardized and best business practices within the Merchant Bankig Industry, it became necessary to set up a Self Regulatory Organisation. This led to the birth of the Association of Merchant Bankers of India (AMBI).


In 1993 AMBI was incorporated as a Public Limited Company under Section 25 of the erstwhile Companies Act, 1956 and now covered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013.

Post incorporation, AMBI was granted recognition by SEBI to set up professional standards, for providing efficient services and to establish standard practices in merchant banking and financial services.


In 2010, it was decided to change the name of AMBI to Association of Investment Bankers of India (AIBI) to reflect the entire gamut of activities carried out by the Investment Bankers in India.


In 2012 AIBI brought out a Due Diligence Manual which was launched at the hands of the then SEBI Chairman, Mr. U.K.Sinha.

AIBI’s primary objective is to ensure that it’s members render services to all constituents within an agreed framework of ethical principles and practices. AIBI also works towards promoting the interests of the industry and of our members.

AIBI is the thought leader and a nodal point for assimilation and dissemination of information relating to the investment banking industry. AIBI ensures that our members are abreast with the latest regulations/guidelines issued by various statutory authorities, as also other matters of interest.

AIBI is the investment banking industry's sole representative to all statutory authorities, in particular, SEBI. The Chairperson of AIBI represents Investment Bankers on the Primary Market Advisory Committee (PMAC) of SEBI.

AIBI, in consultation with SEBI, is working continuously towards improving the compliance with regulatory requirements in a systematic manner and towards that, AIBI brought out a Due Diligence Manual which specified standard procedures for due diligence. The Due Diligence Manual has been appreciated by many and has been downloaded by many capital market practitioners, students and law firms.

AIBI has also been active in representing the members’ views, comments and suggestions on various regulations relating to the capital markets and has been successful in impressing upon SEBI to make introductions or amendments to the regulatory framework in the interest of issuers and investors.

AIBI has conducted 8 annual Summits since 2010, all of which have been inaugurated by SEBI Chairman. In every Summit, we have brought together thought leaders discussing facts and trends related to the capital markets in general and ranging from equity markets, debt markets, private equity and mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, AIBI has also been organizing short sessions with market experts from law firms, consulting firms, audit firms and investment banks through Knowledge Seminar Series.

The endeavor is to carry this momentum and increase the membership to include all Investment Banks so that AIBI remains at the forefront, addressing all issues pertaining to members in a cohesive manner and as a true representative of the entire industry, while maintaining highest standards of integrity and credibility.

AIBI is a Board administered Company, its Directors being elected from amongst its members.

From time to time, the Board forms sub-committees to discuss specific issues and take appropriate action for effective functioning. These committees are headed by one of the Directors, with the Chairman / Vice Chairman being ex-officio members.

The representatives of members, not represented on the Board, are invited to join such sub-committees to get wider participation and views that are representative of a larger number of members.

Seminars and Training

AIBI regularly conducts seminars, workshops etc for the benefit of not only its members, but also the public. AIBI regularly co-sponsors an All-India Financial Services Convention.


Primary Market Advisory Committeev

SEBI's Primary Market Advisory Committee (PMAC) is the apex advisory body for policy issues relating to the primary capital market. It has representation from investment bankers, credit rating agencies, industry, stock exchanges, academic institutions and investor associations.

AIBI is represented by its Chairperson on the PMAC.

If any AIBI Member would like to raise an issue relating to the primary capital market, he can submit it to Chairperson, AIBI who would then take it to the PMAC for discussions and necessary resolution. Members may submit their issues to ceo@aibi.org.in.